Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Reinvented Daybed

This daybed re-invention project was a well thought out plan and the end results are simply remarkable.  I understand the daybed being the focal point however, the perfectly crafted wall behind it steals the show for me.  The soft turquoise blue color on the wall provides a calmness that is so relaxing. The different size

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Lime Green with a Twist

When I first saw this tastefully designed dining room my eyes were captivated by the beautiful lime green color that pops out right at you.  Although the color scheme used in this dining room is inviting, however it does make you somewhat hesitant about disturbing the furnishings that are neatly placed.  The metallic chandelier is

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Watch What You Say

I’m often reminded by a familiar saying “your words may come back to bite you.”  Tweeting haphazardly has proven this statement to be a true one.  When I posted my first Tweet it was probably something pretty stupid just to see how my words would appear on this huge social media platform.  Everyone was doing

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